Dumpster Etiquette


Is there such a thing as dumpster etiquette? It never occurred to me that there would be until I walked by the dumpster in my driveway and wondered how that got there?  It has been years since I have had a child in my home young enough to ride a plastic 4 wheeler, so it certainly isn’t mine.  And I suppose that if someone needed to get rid of it badly enough what better place for it than in a dumpster.  The problem is, the dumpster is not for public dumping.   I also remember trying to place where in my house the metal railing came from when I walked by.

What do you do when someone throws their stuff in your dumpster?  Apparently, nothing!!  However, when someone wants to go through your dumpster you get to tell them “no” for a variety of very good reasons:

  1.  The dumpster is on my property.
  2.  I am financially responsible for the contents.
  3.  There is a plethora of dangers in the dumpster.
  4.  My homeowners insurance would not be happy if someone got hurt in the process of dumpster diving.

Unless I’m not around to tell them no.  And then none of the above reasons will matter, until something goes wrong!