The Mourning Begins

Cream City Chimney




How do you mourn a chimney?  Is there a formal process or appropriate ceremony? Does it depend on the age of the chimney and the materials that it was built with?  At any rate, the death of a chimney is sadder than one would think.  It started with an email asking permission to tear the chimney down.  the decision was quick.  The affirmative answer was based on the need for the space and before I was prepared, the chimney was gone.




I came home one evening after work to investigate the progress and as I pulled in the driveway I was greeted by 2 piles of bricks.

I made my way upstairs and gazed at the space where the chimney once was. It was a little bittersweet.  I knew the decision to do away with the chimney was necessary; however, I found myself grieving the lost history the chimney represents.



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